Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Onward & Upward!!!

You know, I've just decided that weekends suck for dieting. I seem to do really well during the week and when Friday night rolls around, I am ready for a "free" meal. Unfortunately, that "free" meal seems to last from Friday at about 7:00 till late Sunday evening. I really need to refocus and figure out how I can be just as motivated on the weekends as I am during the week. I seem to undo all the good I've done and gain back everything that I've lost during the weekend. I suppose that the positive thing is that I am not really gaining weight but I'm definitely not losing either. SOMETHING most be done! I think that I will "plan" for one free meal a week and I honestly think I would do best if that free meal was either mid week or Saturday night. I really think that I could maintain good eating standards on Sundays. It's Saturday that seems to be the hardest for me and after eating crappy food Friday night and then all day Saturday, by the time Sunday rolls around my thoughts are usually "screw it, I'll start fresh on Monday".
So, here is my new goal! The start of my week will be Sunday morning, my "free" meal will be Saturday evening provided that I have stayed on track all week. I think that will help! All I need to do is make eating out off limits until Saturday night.

I've been doing great on the exercise front. I walk just over 2 miles every day and I feel a little less winded than I used to. I am going to start adding a mile over the next two weeks.

Oh...and on a completely different note, I must tell you that I've just started selling Scentsy! If you are interested, let me know.

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