Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Battle of the Bulge - Day 9

I have come to the conclusion that husbands and Burger King are EVIL! I did so well yesterday until dinner. I was prepared to have a lovely organic salad with a toasted low carb tortilla and some grilled chicken but nooooooo! My husband wanted to go to Burger King. It didn't even sound good to me but I went anyway. I decided on an A1 burger and I have to tell soooo wasn't worth it! The A1 burger definitley isn't a whopper. No longer will I eat something full of crap and calories if it isn't absolutely delicious! On a positive note, I didn't get fries or ice cream....just the burger so that is a good thing.

I went on my walk this morning! I walked 2.1 miles at a really good pace! I feel geared up ready for a Burger King free day today!

Now...if anyone out there would like a teenager who knows how to stir the pot and creates all kinds of drama....let me know! I also have a whining 10 year old and an almost 4 year tattle tale looking for a home. Heaven help me! My kids are driving me completely nuts today. Heaven help them too because if truth be told, PMS has reared its ugly head and my patience has vanished.

I'm off to do a little deep breathing in between my pushup workout.

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