Monday, January 17, 2011

3.5 To Go!

Well....I made it through 1 full week of Weight Watchers and got on the scale to weigh in this morning. Drum roll please! I lost a total of 6.5 pounds my first week. Definitely not too shabby! I am really excited with my results althought, I must admit, it feels like I have been dieting forever and that I should be so much closer to my goal. I have decided to break this big goal down into 10 pound increments. It is so much easier to handle losing 10 pounds at a time. I will celebrate with every 10 pound loss I have. Only 3.5 more pounds to go until my first celebration!

On another happy note, I haven't gotten up in the middle of the night to eat since my last post! That's six nights in a row without any midnight snacking! Haleluia! It looks like I will finally be able to put that awful habit behind me once and for all.

Here is what I have learned this week. First of all, I learned that it is okay to be hungry. I have also learned that I can go to the movies, not get any popcorn and be okay with it. Keith and I went to the movie theater this week and though I felt a little sorry for myself when I bypassed the treats at the concession stand, I was very proud of myself and relieved as we left the theater that I didn't have a popcorn stomach ache. It has been a good week!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Habits Are Slowly Dying!

So, I've been following the Weight Watchers points program since Monday and is going fantastically well!

I must however confess that I have horrible habit of eating in the middle of the middle of the night. This is a problem that doesn't work very well with the whole "healthier lifestyle" phylosophy. I seem to suffer from sleep problems and am usually up at least twice during the night. The biggest problem is that when I awake I usually find myself STARVING which leads me towards the kitchen where I consume foods I woudln't normally eat.....handfuls of pepperoni, spoofuls of icing or peanut butter....I's a terrible habit! Even when I was on Weight Watchers before, this is a habit that I couldn't seem to break myself of but I did tend to make healthier choices in the middle of the night....things like bananas and 100 calorie packs. This time around (which I am deteremined will be my last time around)I have been determined to rid myself of this habit once and for all!

Monday night I found myself in the kitchen with the fridge open and I ate 10 pieces of pepperoni. Not too horribly bad. I even counted it towards my Weight Watchers points for the day.

I am happy to report that since Monday night, I have not ventured into the fridge in the middle of the night! I feel like this is a HUGE victory for me. I am still fiding myself awake and starving in the middle of the night but I have made a conscious decision not to venture into the kitchen otherwise known as the twilight zone where weird things that aren't suppose to happen occur!

I am doing a happy dance this morning! I realize that I have only succeeded for three nights but it is three consecutive nights! I am on the right path and it feels great!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moving Forward has been forever since I posted anything....not that it really matters because I don't think that anyone really reads this blog. Regardless, I am still going to continue blogging for posterity sake.

My husband and I started Weight Watchers online on Monday. Let me first state that he lost 5 pounds before we even started any kind of diet and I have no idea how because evertime I turned around he was eating lemon meringue pie! Maybe there's some kind of lemon meringue pie diet out there that I haven't been privy to. So, he lost 5 pounds without even doing anything before we even started our "new healthy lifestyle". Today is our third day and he got on the scale this morning and is already down about 7 pounds! How fair is that? Honestly, I probably haven't even dropped a pound yet and he is down a total of 12. If only I could have his metabolism for just one week! Oh the things that I could accomplish!

On a positive note, I am feeling better. I haven't felt too terribly depried yet which is a good thing. I honestly feel that this is a lifestyle that I can live with for an endless amount of time. While I am on this journey, I need to try to find out why it is that I keep falling off the wagon and gaining back all of my weight after losing it. Hopefully I can uncover that mystery and end the cycle once and for all because I am tired of feeling frumpy and tired and out of breath.

Here's a to a great day!