Thursday, February 18, 2010

Liars & Drama Queens & Whiners Oh My!

My word! How does one survive issues like lying, drama, whining and attitude? We have four children, Morgan (a boy) 18, Madeline (estrogen) 14, Amanda (estrogen) 10, and Megan (estrogen) 3. Each has their very own little set of issues and struggles. Being a girl myself...I never ever thought that I would be pro boy but I have to tell you....after my many years of experience and as estrogen continues to flow through our home, I find myself wishing we had just a little more testosterone!

Today, after a morning that consisted of lying, major attitude, a bunch of "gosh...this is the worst family ever" outbursts and a melt down because someone had to do a "chore" of all things....I am ready to find a new family. My tubes have literally tied themselves in triple knots this morning.

I will continuously repeat this mantra in my mind this morning as I try to unclench my grinding teeth: "I love my children, I love my children....REALLY, I love my children!"

To all of you who have a house full of prayers are with you! =)

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