Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood!

The sun is shining, I went walking this morning and I did fabulously well with my eating yesterday so there is reason to celebrate! We actually had a busy day with things to do and places to be and we ended up eating out for dinner. As we drove down Main Street, my mouth watered as I thought about french fries, deep fried chimichangas and ice cream! As I thought about what we would grab for dinner I reflected on my goals and decided that fried, fatty, calorie rich food didn't sound all that appetizing after all. We decided to go to Subway and I am so proud of my myself for not getting my all time favorite, The Spicy Italian, loaded with pepperoni and salami marbled with fat. Instead, I ate a delicious veggies sub with a modest amount of cheese and loaded with veggies and avocado. I satisfied my hunger with a wonderful meal and felt a sense of satisfcation for taking the time to listen to my body and making a conscious healthy choice.

Here's to another great day!

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